Last Night I saw Muse

March 9, 2010

This is a band I never wanted to see. Not because I had listened to their records and disliked it, not because I had heard negative things about their live show, not because I irrationally dislike their band name so much I wake up cringing just thinking about it. Nope. It’s because they are my ex’s favorite band. That’s all it takes.

And so, for years I have steered clear of them, telling any who would listen how much of a distaste I had for this Euro-wannabe-overly-modernized-whiny-excuse-for-a-classic-rock-band-gone-new-era-without-songs. Lies! I had maybe heard two tracks, and secretly i kinda liked them.

Well, last nite after a  rockin good effort by newcomers to the big time Silversun Pickups, came the rock n roll extravaganza called Muse. Though after two hours I did feel a bit dizzy from the assault to the senses that was this amazingly executed very very large scale production, i was properly impressed, mostly by the masterful skill of the players. Holy shit these guys can play, and in a very useful and tasteful way for their music. Great guitar sounds too buddy, whatever your superstar name is.There was enough rockstar cool and great songs for good measure. Also lasers and giant towers on which they rocked, and a rotating drum reiser of course.That’s my review. Now I like them. Well, at least in a medium kind of way. But i’d buy their records, or at least accept promotional copies from our mutual record label. (and yes I’m working on my snarkiness)

Also, now I know why my ex had the ridiculous haircut he did. He was trying to copy the band’s lead singer’s euro rock shag. cute……but only on the rockstar.

also, dear Muse: your guitars…not so cool. Thanks for the good times!


4 Responses to “Last Night I saw Muse”

  1. Daddy dearest said

    Keep on shuckin’ those musical oysters, ’cause there are lots of pearls still to be found.

  2. Julie said

    I’m going to start stalking you.

    I still don’t like listening to my ex’s band Dashboard Confessional, but that’s really not a huge loss.

  3. stalkers welcome! i love it! Dashboard Confessional may be the woooorst band i can think of haha

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