Social Networking and Bands

December 25, 2010

So i just watched the facebook bio pic “The Social Network”. It just made me want to have a cool idea like that. When you watch a heist movie, you wanna rob a bank wth a crew of 12 experts and a mile-long devilish master plan. When you watch Goodfellas, well, you get the point. So now i wanna be a internet rebel mogul? I can barely string together a code to change the background on a myspace page. But I do wish someone, preferably me, could find a way to inject the genius of the web reactionaries magic juice into the dried-up music business. And not just because i wish i could make a buck, but because something as powerful as good art deserves a friend. Or a billion friends.

Napster fucked us. Pro-pirates can claim otherwise, but in the end, they are fucking us, and good. Those who know me know of my involvement in the protection of intellectual property. But that’s boring right now, that’s not what i’m itching for. Facebook was invented to help people connect; to help horny college boys get laid, to make nerds aspire to coolness, to turn everything that was enjoyable or pined for about socializing into a full-blown digital addiction.

People used to get addicted to bands. Screaming Beatles fans, stoned out 70’s kids tripping out to the latest greatest LP, Hip hop messiahs leading masses- me in the record store trying to get the next thing into my discman before anyone else could. Obsessing over bands, their music, their stories, their celebrity, their legacy.Why can’t that be exploded into some out of control internet version of its former self? Don’t us fans deserve it? Doesn’t everyone secretly want it?

I’m not likely the one who’s going to brainstorm this brainchild. I know the record companies are trying hard, but they aren’t on the ground floor enough to get it, the trade-off of being so powerful in their penthouse office.

What amazes me is that no one else, no kid in his basement has seeded, grown and bloomed some great platform for giving people what i’m pretty sure they don’t yet know they really really want. A way to connect to cool again….with music. Or music and something else together. And not something ad-based, or check out my mediocre local band page(uh myspace?). Something that is for YOU, makes you feel connected, cool and obsessed with the religion of ROCK and ROLL, the way of life, the attitude, the feeling. Maybe video really did kill the radio star? Maybe the internet has made us too short-sighted and stupid in its infinite too easy to access knowledge. Maybe this culture of digital existence is uninterested in the soul-defining capacities of modern music?

Forget about how the music and advertising biz’s screwed you. The Bands never did, at least the good ones. They’re doing it for you cause someone did it for them, and it’s a legacy worth passing on in my most entitled opinion. I am throwing my plea out into this vast universe of code and text and over stimulation. Here’s to hoping there’s still some inspired youth out there, I am waiting on your so-called powers.