For the love of beauty

October 16, 2012


A short blog today about the importance of beautiful in my life. A stealing glance at an image of a thousand paper lanterns floating in the Thailand sky posted by a friend, the sweetness I feel when I watch my friends smile, a campfire in my memory I can still watch as it burns a thousand yellows and reds, a song that paints history vividly, a wild garden of lush bluebells I noticed when walking by, a movie where I saw what my eyes could only dream of. Beauty, and the constant creation, re-organization of its endless shifting components to make it known.I capture it with my eyes and my spirit whenever I remember to, or when the world reminds me it is still there. Today, I was so simply entranced by two music videos, whose spellbinding directors make their dreams and visions known through textures and inspired movements. It is subjective, and I behold them in my eye, but I love these little movies and so I share them if you are in need of.