I’m a rude bitch says Azealia Banks. Bow Down bitches says Beyonce. One big room, full of bad bitches self-praises Kreayshawn.


When i was a lost, shy, introspective teenage girl I don’t remember being particularly summoned by my pop culture idols to stand up, be rude, take what i want, make a scene, have power and be a Woman. I’m so very jealous. The girls of today are, though shocking to older generations (and a concern to them), strong, sassy, and knowledgeable beyond their years. I say don’t be too concerned. I say look at them- at what they can teach us. Their thirst for the constantly new is insatiable, which makes their art, well, relevant. More relevant than the 30 and 40 somethings’? Maybe. Actually probably, yes. To me, Grimes is waging greater cultural change than Feist did. Did she need Feist to pave the way? Probably. The point is that it doesn’t really matter. What matters is now, and every now that will happen after it.


Now you may be shocked by some of this new music, you may not get it. A lot of what I’m digging up is in the hip-hop and electronic genres, but I’m still looking. Here’s what i’ve found: these girls seem to have the imminent! right in their hearts, vibrating in their bodies; dancing futuristically, dressing with global street style, making beats from machines they play like cellos, spouting sex from their lips with the confidence of old souls, making art that is utterly confusing to most people over the age of 25. I said most, don’t get all upset if you’ve got your finger on that pulse.


I’m barely keeping up, but re-invigorated by what i can only call a movement. These girls are expressing themselves, hardcore. They’ve reinvented self possession, thrown in a dash of glittery narcissism, paid attention to music, fashion and language on every street corner and youtube video. They come to capture, to ravage, to make their life big. What they may not yet know is how inspiring that can be. I feel a message behind it, maybe that’s just me. Like, girls, disobey your mothers and shape your world; make it exciting, make it a place where you are free, make the world look at you and what you got, and feel good about it. There are many women in the world who probably won’t get that chance. Girls of the free world, be a badass bitch if you want to. Be inspired, make art, make life, make it count. I’m starting right now.


(i have a feeling this blog will be controversial?)


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